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Discover the remarkable journey of Daafi Resort, a luxurious haven nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Shimla. This branding case study delves into the transformation of Daafi, showcasing how a strategic and visionary approach to branding. From outdated to opulent, follow the resort’s evolution as it sought to elevate its image, attract a discerning clientele, and carve a distinctive niche in the fiercely competitive hospitality industry. Explore the strategies, challenges, and remarkable outcomes that turned Daafi into an iconic destination for travelers seeking the perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty.


Astaabrata is a for a non-profit organization providing free legal aid, our marketing and branding agency aimed to amplify their mission. Through strategic branding, we crafted a compelling identity that conveyed trust, compassion, and accessibility, crucial in the legal aid sector. Leveraging the power of social media marketing, we established an online presence that fostered community engagement, shared success stories, and raised awareness about their vital work. Our efforts not only enhanced their visibility but also mobilized support, enabling the organization to reach more individuals in need and make a lasting impact in their community.

Aatithyam is an authentic South Indian restaurant in Noida. Our marketing and branding agency embarked on a comprehensive journey. First, we meticulously crafted a unique brand identity that celebrated the rich flavors and traditions of South India. Prior to the launch, we orchestrated an enticing pre-launch campaign, creating anticipation among food enthusiasts. Upon launch, we strategically leveraged social media marketing, sharing tantalizing visuals and engaging content to build a loyal online following. The result? A successful launch that translated into impressive sales figures. Aatithyam now stands as a beloved culinary destination in Noida, blending tradition and taste in every dish.


As a marketing and branding agency in Delhi, we embarked on an exciting journey with Bellina, a carbonated beverage brand targeting Tier 2 cities. Our strategy focused on crafting a brand identity that resonated with the spirit of these vibrant urban centers - youthful, energetic, and culturally diverse. The label packaging design we created was a fusion of modern aesthetics and regional cultures, striking a chord with the target audience. Bellina emerged as more than just a beverage; it became a symbol of urban dynamism, capturing the essence of Tier 2 cities and delighting consumers with each sip.

Our office is in Noida,

But our clients, Worldwide!

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What our clients say about us!

“We Make Brands transformed my resort's identity with their outstanding services. From an exquisite logo to a comprehensive branding design and a user-friendly website, they exceeded expectations. Their expertise is unparalleled!”

Chetan Bragta, Resort Owner - Daafi

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