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We Make Brands – the conception of our company happened when we observed that there isn’t enough understanding of the concept of what a ‘Brand’ is, especially among Startups and Small Scale Businesses. Moreover, the lack of proper Branding practices in the Indian-ecosystem, most business are left behind in their growth story because they are too busy concentrating in their operations. At most, when a business takes an effort, all they do is Social Media Marketing.

We use Neuro-marketing in all our Branding campaigns, which in layman terms means ‘to talk directly with the sub-conscious brain of the audience’. Application of Neuro-marketing has been prominent in Indian politics since the rise of Social Media. For our political campaigns, we effectively utilise the concept to send the right message to the audience’s sub-conscious mind. The same concept can be effectively used for startups, small and mid size businesses, corporates, and individual branding as well.

This is our small story and our aim is simple – to take the burden of Branding off your shoulders so you can comfortably concentrate on operations of your awesome business!

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