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At We Make Brands, we are committed to protecting the privacy of personal information that has been provided to us. Data protection is paramount for us, and we have developed our Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to describes our privacy practices with respect to information collected through our website. Our Policy has been framed in accordance with the  European Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and other applicable laws. Our policy also gives you the ability to opt in or out of certain uses when we collect personal information from you. 

Please note that we do not have any control over the third party website, the links of which appear on our website, and the way they collect information. We have no liability or responsibility for their policies or ways adopted to access or process your personal information. For the security of your personal information, please check their privacy policies before you submit your personal information to any third party website.

What is a Personal Information ?

Any information to identify a natural person qualifies as personal information. We collect personal data when you  contact us or apply or a position with us or fill up any subscription forms on our website. Any of the above allows us to collect your name, email address, location and other details. When we conduct surveys, we also collect the information provided in the completed survey. Further, the details of your visits to our website and information collected through cookies and other tracking technologies which includes your IP address and domain name, your browser version and operating system, location data, traffic data,and the resources that you access are also collected.

We can also collect personal data about you which is available in the public domain. 

How We use Personal Information ?

Unless obligated by law, We Make Brands shall not disclose, use, give or distribute any personal information to third parties for any purposes other than to those third parties that need to know, and the exchange of such information is necessary for providing the services in relation to your engagement or employment with us, managing any legal or regulatory obligations, furthering business development or other marketing activities, or obtaining the statistics of visitors to our website. We also analyse the Personal Information provided to us in order to analyze you as a customer and understand your needs better.

We Make Brands may disclose the Personal Information to the third party when such a third party is engaged for providing professional advisory services, security services or other support services. We disclose such information to the third parties in order to ensure efficiency of services provided to you.  If the third parties who have been provided Personal Information are located outside your country or the country from where the Personal Information was disclosed, the third parties will be bound by the privacy and confidentiality obligations of such jurisdiction.

Protection of your Personal Information

We maintain stringent and appropriate security measures to protect your Personal Information against loss, destruction, misuse, damage, alteration or disclosure. While no security measure is absolutely foolproof, we take adequate steps to maintain the privacy of Personal Information collected by us.

For our international customers: please note that your personal information will be accessed by staff or third party service providers outside the country where you are located. The data privacy laws may be of a lower standard than those in your country. In all circumstances, We Make Brands is committed to safeguard Personal Information as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information is retained by We Make Brands for as long as it is deemed necessary, whether on account of compliance with legal or regulatory obligations or otherwise. When there is no need of Personal Information collected, all steps are taken to either encrypt it to prevent access or securely destroyed the Personal Information accordance with our internal standard policies.

Rights in relation to your Personal Information

 You are entitled to the following rights with respect to your Personal Information

·         Requesting details of personal data concerning you;

·         Rectifying or correcting inaccurate personal data;

·         Request for withdrawal your personal data or object to the processing of your personal data;

·         To have personal data transmitted to another organization in an appropriate format;

·         To object to profiling and  lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority;

·         object to direct marketing (including any profiling for such purposes); 

Please note that in the event of making a request for the removal of data, all reasonable efforts will be exercised by We Make Brands to comply with such request. However, we cannot guarantee the permanent removal of your personal information which is present in the archives or any back up of information generated by us.

You have the right to request us to not store or process Personal Information for marketing purposes. You can opt of or unsubscribe from our services by contacting us at


Should you have any concerns with regard to the Privacy Policy, please contact us with the subject line “Data Privacy” at We would further like to mention that if you call on the number mentioned on the website, i.e., 9968912959, standard call rates will apply.

Cookie Policy

Cookies and similar technologies (collectively referred as “cookies”) refer to files which are stored on  your web browser by a website you visit. Cookies stored on your computer can contain an anonymous unique identifier which allows us or a third­ party to recognize you and make your next visit easier. 

When you use our website, we and/or our third party partners may place cookies and use it for obtaining analytics, storing your preferences, enabling behavioural advertising etc. 

Types of cookies used 

Session Cookies: Session cookies are stored and used to identify your browsing pattern on our website and provide the relevant data to you. 

Third­ parties Cookies: Various third­ parties may also store cookies for analytics purposes, placement of advertisements etc. 

Cookies also help us to personalize your social media experience on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google. Cookies also aid you to share content easily across different platforms. Please note that external or embedded content using third party cookies are not within out control.

Consent to use of cookies

By choosing to access our website, you consent to our use of the cookies. You can also choose to block the cookies by changing the setting in your browser or delete the cookies after a visit. However, deletion of or refusal to accept the cookies may affect your user experience on our website

All cookies will expire after a stipulated period.

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