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Aatithyam, a South Indian gem located in Noida, serves delectable, authentic dishes with a perfect blend of flavors. From crispy dosas to aromatic biryanis, every bite is a culinary journey. Immerse yourself in true South Indian hospitality at Aatithyam.







Type of Work

Brand Identity Design

Brand Launch

Social Media Marketing

Performance Marketin

Pre-Launch Campaign:

Before Adityam unveiled its doors to the world, we embarked on a carefully orchestrated pre-launch campaign. This journey was aimed at creating anticipation and excitement around this authentic South Indian culinary haven. Our approach seamlessly integrated performance marketing, social media marketing, and offline marketing.

Grand Launch Extravaganza:

The launch event was a grand spectacle. Elegant invitations bearing Adithyam's brand identity were sent to influencers, bloggers, and media outlets. Flyers and banners, both digital and physical, showcased Adithyam's menu highlights and the unique dining experience it offered. Offline marketing efforts, including pamphlet distribution and local newspaper ads, ensured a widespread presence.

Post-Launch Campaign:

Once Adityam was unveiled to the world, our marketing efforts pivoted towards nurturing and expanding its customer base, all while celebrating the restaurant's unique offerings.

Performance Marketing: We continued to refine our performance marketing strategies, targeting specific demographics that had shown interest in South Indian cuisine. This involved ongoing optimization of keywords, A/B testing of ad creatives, and data-driven campaign adjustments aimed at maximizing return on investment.

Social Media Marketing: Our social media presence evolved to showcase not just the dishes but the holistic dining experience at Aatithyam.

Offline Marketing: Building on the success of our pre-launch offline marketing efforts, we maintained partnerships with local businesses and introduced special promotions for loyal customers, nurturing a sense of belonging and loyalty among our cherished patrons.


The logo icon of "Aatithyam," a South Indian restaurant, is a reflection of the restaurant's essence and its commitment to authentic South Indian cuisine. It embodies the cultural and culinary heritage of the region through the seamless fusion of two symbolic elements: the banana leaf and the Devanagari font.

Aatithyam colour palette weaves green, yellow, and royal blue into a captivating tapestry. Green reflects the freshness of ingredients, yellow resonates with the culture's vibrancy, and royal blue adds a touch of regal elegance. Together, they craft an inviting and culturally rich ambiance, enhancing the overall dining experience.

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