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Astaabrata is an NGO based in Noida. Astaabrata India Foundation hopes to bring our youth closer to success stories that give their dreams and vision the required push. Their panelists include stalwarts from Bureaucracy, Judiciary, Legislature, Creative Fields, Corporate World, Media, Sports etc. on board to interact with the different segments of society to guide, support and propel their thoughts into meaningful positive changes on ground. "a.ProBono" was a legal-aid campaign launched by Astaabrata to connect lawyers and people in need.







Type of Work

Brand Identity Design

Social Media Marketing

Brochure Design

Our partnership with Astaabrata was a testament to the power of design and digital marketing in championing a noble cause. Together, we not only created a compelling brand identity and brochure but also leveraged social media to amplify a.ProBono 's mission of providing free legal aid to those who need it most. In doing so, we contributed to a more just and compassionate society where legal expertise is truly accessible to all.​

Brand Identity : a.ProBono logo exudes timeless elegance and professionalism through a classic typographic design featuring a refined serif typeface. This logo embodies the essence of a noble cause with a touch of sophistication.

Social Media Marketing: In today's digital age, social media is a potent tool for creating awareness and fostering community engagement. A Pro Bono recognized this, and we embarked on a dynamic social media marketing campaign to amplify their reach and impact.

Brochure Design: To amplify Astaabrata's mission, we embarked on creating a brochure that would not only inform but also inspire. The brochure design was a canvas upon which we painted the organization's story. Through compelling visuals, heartfelt testimonials, and clear messaging, we communicated the critical role that Astaabrata plays in bridging the gap between legal expertise and those in dire need of it.


Social Media Marketing

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